Getting and/or Ordering Photos from this Site

Photographs may appear either to light or to dark on the computer screen because of 'gang proofing' (printing all at same time with same exposure) & are corrected on individual prints.
Photographs in the 'Masters' directory are large files, suitable for making photographic prints.
Photographs in the 'Photos' directory are suitable only for viewing on a computer screen, they will not print as good as the large files in the 'Masters' directory.

There are 2 ways to get photographs from this site:

There may be multiple pages of thumbnail photos. Click the arrows above the photos for additional pages. You can go forward & back.

1. Go to "Photos" directory & view thumbnail photos (click on photo for larger view). Select & copy the number (under photo) to paper, then click your "Return" button to go back to complete list. After you have selected your choices by writing down their numbers (under each photo) click your "back" button to return you to the "Masters" & "Photos" directories.

Go to the "masters" directory & click on the number of your selected photograph. When the photo opens, click on it with your 'Right' mouse button to save it. The menu that opens will direct you. Do this for each photograph you wish to save. Save your photographs to a disk & take to your local one hour photo shop, or...

Don Patterson
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